SRCOM is an organization that upholds strong values and is fully committed to its mission and strategy. Our Human Resources strategy is effectively implemented through a range of policies and processes, which are regularly evaluated to ensure they align with our overall business goals. We value employee feedback and conduct periodic benchmarking exercises to stay in line with industry best practices.

At SRCOM, we are proud to be an equal-opportunity employer. We actively seek out talent from diverse backgrounds, ensuring a wide range of perspectives and experiences. Our focus is on hiring individuals with exceptional domain and industry knowledge, allowing us to deliver the highest level of expertise to our clients.

We Prioritize Our Employees’ Career Growth

SRCOM values continuous improvement and aims to create an organization that prioritizes its people. We value talented individuals who are passionate, devoted and have high integrity, and we are supporting them in their pursuit of success. SRCOM also offers an environment that supports learning and helps individuals achieve their career aspirations. To address developmental needs and prepare employees for future leadership roles, the organization promotes internal rotations across departments and encourages talent mobility within SRCOM.

We also have a certification policy that motivates employees to enhance their skills and qualifications. This approach helps achieve various human resources objectives, such as orienting new employees, training existing employees, and supporting career development.

HR Policies and Framework

We possess well-established policies such as Code of Conduct guidelines and a structured consequence management framework for the disciplinary process. These policies create a suitable platform for all employees to make informed decisions.

Health & Wellness

Our human resource policies provide various health and wellness benefits, including retirement plans and health insurance. These benefits are implemented through insurance policies demonstrating the organization's commitment to supporting the well-being of employees, both in and out of the workplace.

Attracting And Retaining Talent

Our hiring and onboarding procedures are well-documented and based on established procedures. To address our talent needs, we promote internal job openings and referral programs. To assist them in integrating into our organizational culture and gaining a deeper grasp of the organization, we put all new hires through a specific induction procedure.

Performance Management Framework

SRCOM has a well-defined system for assessing performance that includes goals, targets, accomplishments, and areas for development. The philosophy regarding compensation is closely tied to both individual and company performance. The performance evaluation process is conducted in a transparent and collaborative manner. As a result of this impartial assessment, employee career advancement is facilitated through promotions and internal transfers.

Get to Know Us

As an employer, we create a highly favorable setting for our employees' development. Our workforce is consistently presented with challenges and opportunities that empower them to expand their abilities and reach their full potential:

  • Provide fair compensation and equal chances for advancement;
  • Support the development of employees for professional growth;
  • Foster a culture of transparency and open communication;
  • Acknowledge and reward exemplary performance;
  • Promote a stimulating environment that encourages continuous learning.