The purpose of SRCOM
is to create and develop financial
markets, platforms, and systems
where buy and sell orders for
various assets can be matched.

Your Gateway to the World of Financial Markets


SRCOM's core objective is to facilitate seamless and secure trading of capital market instruments, foreign currencies, commodities, index trading, shares trading, and cryptocurrency trading.


⦁ Creating an efficient marketplace that fosters stability and instills confidence in investors;

⦁ Promoting an international business structure that encompasses various financial products;

⦁ Pioneering digital transformation and innovation;

⦁ Supporting and driving economic growth.

Building a Solid Base and Effective Implementation

In order to achieve success, it is crucial to establish a firm groundwork and carry out strategies effectively. Creating a strong foundation is vital for any endeavor, as it provides stability and a solid starting point.

Operating Based on Strong Principles

Key principles include having strong foundations built on integrity, transparency, service, excellence, teamwork, and innovation. The goal is to strive for improvement by being better, faster, and simpler.

Increasing Long-Term Shareholder Value

We concentrate on emphasizing the increase in profits and positive financial performance while achieving cost efficiency through effective execution.


The trading and price-formation venue of choice for:


Index trading

Shares trading

Cryptocurrency trading

About Us
The Exchange - Opportunity Meets Innovation
The market is essentially a place where individuals and companies come together regularly and at specific times to engage in buying and selling transactions, such as trading commodities.
We provide clearing services for various types of financial products, including futures, options, and over-the-counter (OTC) products. These products are traded in different markets, such as foreign currencies, commodities, index trading, shares trading, and cryptocurrency trading.
Expanding Access to International Markets
We customize a complete collection of market knowledge and data to meet your specific requirements using pricing and analytics, indices, and exchange data in a secure and adaptable connection.
Risk Management
SRCOM assists clients in effectively managing risk to minimize their exposure and generate value.

Our Approach to Market Risk

We collaborate with all participants in the commodities and trading industry. Our services have grown to include commodities risk management and client work for a wide range of sectors, including utilities, oil and gas producers, metals and mining operations, agribusiness, and other industrial sectors. We also support merchant traders, commodities exchanges, brokers, data providers, and government agencies.

Our values

  • Adherence to the Code of Ethics of the Trading Community is highly prioritized;
  • Transparency involves providing market information that is clear, accurate, and delivered in a timely manner;
  • Ensuring a dependable and reliable trading experience for all participants in the market;
  • Innovation refers to the timely creation of new products, features, and trading systems in order to address the demands of the market;
  • Achieving exceptional results through a diversified range of products and solutions.
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    Forex (FX)

    To effectively manage currency risk, it is important to have access to global FX markets that offer a wide range of currencies. With SRCOM, you have the opportunity to trade FX contracts, which include major currencies, cross rates, and emerging markets currency pairs.


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