Trading Technology

Our People, Technology, and Reputation Are the Key Components of Our Assets


SRCOM's trading technology offers a range of reliable and comprehensive capabilities for executing trades across different assets. It is designed to adapt to the constantly evolving market demands and can be used by execution venues of any size.

Our Matching Technology

SRCOM's matching technology is utilized by a wide range of markets globally. This technology offers execution venues of all sizes with dependable and extensive capabilities for trading various assets, allowing us to stay up-to-date with the constantly evolving market demands. These feature-rich platforms support trading in any asset at any time and location, and they are designed to be adaptable and scalable as your business grows and ventures into new asset classes or expands its services. Moreover, SRCOM solutions enable trading across multiple asset classes within a single platform, reducing the expenses and technological intricacies associated with your trading operations.

In addition to our cutting-edge technology, SRCOM provides delivery and advisory services to ensure that our systems go above and beyond your needs and are delivered within the specified timeframe and budget.

Our Guidelines for Managing Finances in Marketplaces

The SRCOM financial framework is our advanced and synchronized approach to delivering strong business functionality to financial infrastructure providers in a flexible and open environment. By standardizing operations and data infrastructure, marketplaces can enter the market faster and more cost-effectively, enhancing the competitive advantage in a rapidly changing marketplace. Moreover, the open design of our financial framework enables marketplaces to incorporate their own business features, like fee calculations or statistics, as well as third-party solutions to meet their specific requirements.

Our Key Business Applications

SRCOM provides a variety of matching engines tailored to suit the specific requirements of your marketplace.

SRCOM Matching Engine: The matching engine provides exceptional performance and a wide range of features to fulfill present and future business and performance needs. Additionally, it remains affordable, enabling smaller to mid-tier exchanges to achieve their goals.

SRCOM Multi-Matching Engine: This is suitable for exchanges that trade various types of assets and financial instruments and face performance difficulties that need multiple partitions. It is capable of handling high volumes in different asset classes, with a specific focus on derivatives trading.

SRCOM Hybrid Matching Engine: Specializing in a request for quote (RFQ), negotiations, and discretionary trading functions, the dedicated matching engine is designed to support over-the-counter (OTC) style trading.

SRCOM Fixed Income Matching Engine: We have developed a specialized matching engine for fixed-income markets. SRCOM caters to multiple fixed-income markets and includes a collection of unique functions specifically designed for fixed-income trading.

SRCOM Algo Engine: A new order type provided by a business application allows exchanges to expand their offerings and enhance their relationships with members by offering a range of execution algorithms.

Multiple matching engines can be operated simultaneously to accommodate various business goals. This allows exchanges to seize the opportunity to include additional markets that facilitate OTC-style trading.

All these business applications are smoothly integrated with SRCOM Pre-trade Risk Management, SRCOM Market Surveillance, SRCOM Index Calculator, and the SRCOM Business Applications that provide comprehensive Market Intelligence tailored to suit exchange requirements.

Key Features

  • Supporting the ability to match multiple asset classes within one solution.
  • The matching engine includes real-time margin updates, offering a distinctive pre-trade risk management feature.
  • The integration with SRCOM Pre-Trade Risk Management includes additional risk checks that are more thorough and faster than those in the matching engine. It also includes portfolio offsetting risk checks.
  • Simplifying the process of adding new members by utilizing commonly used protocols and interfaces in the industry.
  • The system can connect with other technologies, whether they are third-party or unique solutions, throughout the entire trade process. This ensures that the current infrastructure requirements are maintained and allows for future adjustments to the system configuration.
  • Operational complexity is minimized, resulting in decreased expenses for system enhancements and modifications.
  • Industry-leading throughput and performance ensure the success and operation of the exchange by maintaining a dynamic infrastructure.

Your Gateway to the World of Financial Markets


SRCOM's core objective is to facilitate seamless and secure trading of capital market instruments, foreign currencies, commodities, index trading, shares trading, and cryptocurrency trading.


⦁ Creating an efficient marketplace that fosters stability and instills confidence in investors;

⦁ Promoting an international business structure that encompasses various financial products;

⦁ Pioneering digital transformation and innovation;

⦁ Supporting and driving economic growth.

Building a Solid Base and Effective Implementation

In order to achieve success, it is crucial to establish a firm groundwork and carry out strategies effectively. Creating a strong foundation is vital for any endeavor, as it provides stability and a solid starting point.

Operating Based on Strong Principles

Key principles include having strong foundations built on integrity, transparency, service, excellence, teamwork, and innovation. The goal is to strive for improvement by being better, faster, and simpler.

Increasing Long-Term Shareholder Value

We concentrate on emphasizing the increase in profits and positive financial performance while achieving cost efficiency through effective execution.